Visiting the Farm of Doug Caldwell

On September 26th, 2011 a team of five researchers from Rural Development Institute (RDI) of Brandon University visited the farm of Doug and Valerie Caldwell located near Kenton, Manitoba. The tour arranged by the Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District (UARCD) enabled researchers to see first hand shelterbelts at varying stages of maturity. The team learned of the many uses and importance of shelterbelts. Doug and Valerie’s latest shelterbelt addition was planted in summer 2011 as a future windbreak for livestock involved in winter grazing.

With some pre-thought into the planting widths to accommodate equipment and avoid overlapping the project can be undertaken at very little cost to the producer. Doug and Valerie received assistance from the UARCD who provided plastic mulch and tree stock. The benefits include saving money and saving time with far less diesel usage and less time spent spreading manure. The animals also benefit from the exercise they receive walking to and from the yard.

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Dougs Farm - 001

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Dougs Farm - 002

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Dougs Farm - 003

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Dougs Farm - 004

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Dougs Farm - 005

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UARCD Office

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UARCD Tree Inventory